Female Health: 3 Ways to Balance your Hormones

Female Health: 3 Ways to Balance your Hormones
The body’s hormonal system is our own ‘internet’; creating a web of chemical messages that are picked up by the brain and regulate our immune system, metabolism, reproduction and hunger.
When our hormones are out of balance, our mental physical and emotional wellbeing suffers so here are 3 great tips to help balance our hormonal system.
Eat enough protein
When we talk about hormones, hunger doesn’t usually come to mind. However two or the most important hormones for regulating appetite and therefore effecting weight are ghrelin and leptin. When we are hungry, the level of ghrelin in our body rises and signals to our brain that we need to eat. Studies have found that consuming approximately 30g protein at each meal can help regulate satiety by reducing ghrelin and stimulating hormones that make us feel full: leptin, PYY and GLP1. Our Superfood Vegan Protein Powder is a perfect addition or alternative if you are trying to avoid meat consumption. Use in smoothies, baking and stir into yoghurt for a high protein snack to fend off hunger.
Balance + Stability
Managing stress 
Cortisol and adrenaline are the two main hormones affecting stress. When we are chronically stressed, our levels of cortisol remain elevated and this plays havoc on your endocrine system. Our elixir Balance + Stability is a blend to support stressful times. Leading with petit grain, black spruce and geranium, all of which have been shown to reduce anxiety, regulate cortisol and balance hormones
Muscle Ease Body Oil
Massage therapy
Another way to help alleviate stress is through massage therapy. Temperature increases during massage which can help relax muscles and balance out hormones, specifically cortisol. Massage therapy has been shown to reduce levels of cortisol by 38% and can even increase serotonin by 28%. Our Muscle Ease Body Oil is the perfect combination of sweet fennel, cypress and mint that when applied and massaged into the body, will warm the skin and muscles and help relieve pain, tightness and stiffness after a stressful day.