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Craft Week: Visit the anatome Sleep Bar

Craft Week:   Visit the anatome Sleep Bar

anatomē is excited to announce the launch of The Sleep Bar during London Craft Week a bespoke customer experience that tailors our Recovery + Sleep aromatherapy oil to individuals' needs in helping to ensure a more restful sleep, night after night. The cities that never sleep will now sleep more soundly. 

We live in an agitated and often uncertain world, politically and socially. Most of us are digitally savvy, but our attachment to social media and online living has tended to make us more rather than less anxious in daily life. The pressures and stresses of our busy lifestyles take their toll on our bodies and minds and a good night's sleep has been one of the key casualties. As numerous scientific studies suggest, the importance of sleep has been overlooked for too long and doctors are now serious about getting us to sleep better. Healthy living requires restful sleep as part of the daily routine. The Sleep Bar at anatomē is here to help you achieve just that.


The Power of Botanicals

The natural world holds the solutions to many of our issues. In 2017 Brendan Murdock our founder and his team of aromacologist, Anatasia Brozler and nutritionist Winder Ton RD MSc began to research the best botanical extracts for optimised performance and balanced emotional wellbeing.  Therapeutic oils to support sleep, stress and anxiety has been a core focus for the team, given the challenges our community face each day through their own daily challenges, a broader societal shift in …. And individuals inability to digital detox and engage within … before lights out.

The anatomē sleep oils are created through a process called Aromacology, this is the study of observable influence of aromas on human mood and feelings, is affected by the profile of bioactive molecules present in plants extracts and oils. Therefore, provenance is key whereby growing conditions such as soil type and climate will determine how plants extracts will impact human behavior.

The anatomē oil extracts are therefore carefully selected from an optimum, nourishing environment, think of the care that goes into creating a fine wine, that can be said of the anatomē oil. We have sought to assemble the best varieties of botanical extracts, whether the sedative Himalayas Lavender form high altitudes or the tenderness from Provençal French Lavender.

How it works?

Here's how it works. In close consultation with our in-house aromotherapist and with London-based sleep disorder scientists, we have created the 'Anatome Sleep Map,' a brief 6-minute consultation during which we find out more about the nature of your sleep. We don't bombard you a questionnaire, rather we ask you to respond emotionally to forms, colours, sounds and textures – all of which we have developed to help us understand the way you sleep.

Key scents like Frankincence, Camomile and Seawood are explored with you, to determine how your own body reacts to each. Each of these scents in turn maps on to a colour and through a combination of your personal response scent and colour, we build up a picture of how your body and mind work when it comes to sleep. We also find out about your sleeping routine and environment and how these contribute to your sleeping. By accumulating information about your feelings about sleep and the way you sleep now, we can help you to sleep better in the future.

At the end of the consultation, your sleep analyst provides you with a brief report explaining the outcome of the consultation, which includes a recommendation for a bespoke 'Recovery + Sleep' oil which responds to your needs. We also provide recommendations about lifestyle, rituals, nutrition and the use of your oil. Each consultation produces a unique plan of action which addresses your own sleeping needs.

 Visit the Sleep bar

 ‘London Craft Week’ at anatomē store, Piccadilly London, 8TH – 12th May 2019.

Each ‘Sleep Bar’ appointment lasts 10 minutes and is bookable in advance.




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