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    How Essential Oils Can Improve Your Workout

    Some days, can be a serious struggle to convince yourself to hit the gym and work out. The most difficult part is, in fact, on starting it and making movement a habit. To achieve any fitness improvement consistency is the key and the unbelievable focus force we need comes from exercising and feeling feeling its benefits. However, you need to start.

    To energise the body prior exercising,  people often rely on caffein or amino acids. But, what you don't know is, interestingly, essential oils can help your brain to twist your mood, helping you to be in the right mindset.  For this reason anatomē experts created the Energy + Strength therapeutic essential oil blend.

    This blend of extraordinary botanicals will help you from changing positively your mindset to yielding muscle recovery. You maybe wondering how, and here, we will elucidate this question with scientific evidence.

    Energy + Strength blends, leads with Grapefruit, that can create alertness in your brain, supporting your body to produce adrenaline-like feelings (1), encouraging your motivation prior your workout. Another aromatic botanical, Chinese May Chang, not only is uplifting, but is incredibly anti-inflammatory. Some studies showed that May Chang help injuries by decreasing local inflammation (2), being a great support for joints during exercise. Camphor and Peppermint will support muscle metabolism. Camphor is  is a powerful vasodilator (3), which is the widening of blood vessels. It increases the blood flow, necesseray for the exercise metabolism and stimulating the circulatory system. This effect enhances workouts and optimise recovery after your training.  Peppermint  increases performance and supports recovery. A recent study found that athletes who used a peppermint oil prior to their workout showed significantly improved performance and better respiratory function overall (4). 


    All these wonderful ingredients found in one single compound to help you to achieve positive mindset, motivation and support muscle performance and recovery.  You can apply the Energy + Strength generously prior your workout support performance and post  to support recovery. 





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    Written by:
    Winder Ton

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