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The Runner's Route

The Runner's Route

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, I’m sure you know about all the health benefits you can get from jogging. Don’t underestimate the importance of running outdoors and avoiding those boring running machines. We have designed the best route that will get your blood flowing and your mind engaged.

I always think a run should be intense but enjoyable. When you’ve finished a run, you should be feeling physically invigorated and mentally stimulated, and bringing positivity to your body and mind.


  1. Only 30 mins of exercise encourages new cells to form and other to regenerate
  2. 12-14 weeks of aerobic exercise = effective for depressive symptoms
  3. With just 150 mins per week, studies show a 30% decreased risk of developing depression

Not far from our Shoreditch home is Victoria Park, the ideal place for an excellent run. It has beautiful treelined paths and is just under 4.5km – the perfect length for a good workout, and visually glorious! Follow the park’s perimeter and then extend the trail along Regent’s Canal.

Here are 5 steps to getting the most out of your run.


  • Apply the Energy + Strength oil to your sensory points so that you feel invigorated
  • Make sure to stretch your muscles, especially your legs
  • Keep hydrated! This is essential


Regent’s Canal stretches from Little Venice to Limehouse Basin, here are the reason why this path is so popular:

  • The path offers 14km without any cars
  • Running along the waterway, you can enjoy the beauty of nature, and the colourful boats!
  • Amongst the greenery, you escape the busy city – and exhaust fumes
  • You can relax your mind as you exercise your body


  • With other pedestrians and cyclists, consider the canal for a light jog or a cool down
  • Remove your headphones, or at least one of them to stay alert
  • Run before 7am to beat the morning rush – the early rise will do wonders to your energy levels and mood
  • Starting out near Shoreditch Park
  • Head south of Hoxton Street
  • Turn left on Old Street - past St. Leonard’s Church
  • continue along Hackney Road/Bishop’s Way to Victoria Park
  • Run a lap around the perimeter of the park (4.4 km)
  • Return to Hoxton along Regent’s Canal. (approx. 10km.)

     5 REFUEL

    • After doing any exercise it is important to refuel, and a hearty smoothie will do wonders. You can find our anatomē smoothie recipe here.



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