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Why Sleep?

Why Sleep?


Having a restful night's worth of sleep feels great in the morning correct?  I think we all understand that it is vital to sleep, but sometimes we think we can short circuit the 7 hours sleep that our bodies crave.  It's not only important for our mental well being to sleep, it has vital benefits for our health too:

1. Sleep makes us smart

Whether we recall our dreams or not when we wake up, we dream when we are sleeping. This is the brain processing the events that happened during the day. The brain is able to receive and process information the next day. When we allow our bodies to receive enough sleep, this has a positive impact on our memory. During the day, our brain receives information that is put in the temporary storage and at night, it gets transferred to the long term memory.

2. Sleep makes our immune system stronger

Studies show that people who suffer from a lack of sleep are more prone to getting sick. When we sleep, our body's production of the hormone somatropin or human growth hormone increases, this aids in the growth in skin and tissue cells, repairs muscle tissues and helps heal any injuries we may have alongside strengthening our bones.

3. Sleep allows us to be more focused and productive

When we don't get enough sleep, we are more likely to be distracted and irritable. Sleep deprivation can impair 'selective attention' or can reduce your attention span on specific information when things are occurring at the same time. 



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