Hotel 7132

Hotel 7132

We have had the glorious opportunity to visit the ‘internationally acclaimed masterpiece’ that is the 7132 hotel in Vals, Switzerland - designed by the renown architect, Peter Zumthor.

The 7132 hotel is dedicated to the concept of inspiring the senses. From the exquisite designs of each space to the splendid jazz playing in the bar, 7123 focuses on creating an atmosphere in which you feel at peace from the minute you arrive. The hotel combines marvellous architecture with a superb spa experience and thermal baths for deep relaxation of the mind and body. 

The ethos expresses having attentive, but never intrusive, service so that you can fully enjoy your stay, with all your needs met, whilst maintaining a relaxing sense of privacy. There is nothing like finding inner peace in such an extraordinary environment of the Alpine mountains, and the hotel itself. We think this place has everything you need to achieve requiescence.

WHAT WE LOVE: The design of the hotel, integrated into the Alps, creates a serene natural atmosphere; we absolutely love the complimentary convergence of building and landscape.

A really special experience is visiting the Thermal Baths at night time, exclusive to hotel guests every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 32:00 to 1:00. It is a really exquisite way of incorporating mindfulness and experiencing deep relaxation under the stars.

DAILY ROUTINE: Wake up in one of their luxurious suites to the sunrise over a breathtaking view of the alpine mountains. Choose from four different restaurants for a delicious breakfast before heading down to the spa areas. 

The indoor/outdoor pools and the Fire, Ice and Blossom pools allow you to fully experience the powers of thermal baths and the benefits they can have.

The spring grotto and the Sound, Drinking, Sweating and Steaming stones provide you with a range of marvellous approaches to relaxation.

This is a place for ‘me time’ and 7132 specify this on their website. Take the time to look after yourself, choose a variation of relaxing treatments and allow yourself to be pampered. Let your mind and body release any tensions because we all need to nurture and rejuvenate ourselves!

The Penthouse Suite designed by Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma, offers you an impressive retreat within your retreat. Return from your relaxing day at the spa to elegant luxury, giving you a never ending sense of tranquility throughout your stay. All their rooms and suites are divine, the hotel offers spaces of distinct styles and designs.

COSTS: The Spa Deluxe Room costs roughly £740 GBP per night for two people, with a king sized bed, personal steam room and terrace.

The House of Architects offers four different architects with rooms of exceptional and mind-blowing designs. Take a look at the Thom Mayne room, which costs £312 GBP, for a unique experience that breaks the norms of expectation.

The Forever Young package comes to approximately £1250 GBP per person including 3 nights in a room of your choice and a vast range of services. This specific package is about your health and so it offers check ups, classes and fitness coaching as well as free access to the thermal baths, plus more.

THE TAKE AWAY: The integration of deep relaxation for the soul and the magnificent architecture brings you a truly unique experience. The aesthetic of the hotel nourishes you visually, and the interior design creates an atmosphere that brings serenity to your mind. Combining this with the exceptional treatments and spa experiences, this hotel will profoundly support your physical and emotional wellbeing.