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How to maintain good skin health during travel

How to maintain good skin health during travel

Boarding a plane and crossing different time zones can not only mess up with sleep, mood and energy levels, immune system and health but also impacts negatively on your skin. The main reasons that your skin is affected is because:


  • You are exposed to different weather and environmental conditions including pollution and humidity levels, that influences skin texture and appearance;
  • You will probably eat a variety of foods that is not part of your usual diet, most likely to be deficient in micronutrients including vitamins and minerals that maintain skin health;
  • You will probably be dehydrated. Water is one of most important components of the complexion. Being dehydrated means dull and inflammation prone skin.
  • Lack of restful and deep sleep reflects on skin with appearance of dark circles.


But don’t worry we have a guide of what you should do to keep your skin radiant and supple at all times whilst you are away. So, all you need follows:


  • A cleanser: it makes sure that at the end of the day, your skin is devoid of dirt, pollution, and impurities. Unclean skin is a strict no-no wherever you are. Cleanse your skin in the morning and in the evening.
  • A fresh mist: using facial mists during your travels is a great way to guarantee deep and constant hydration of the skin wherever you are.
  • A ultra-hydrating moisturizer: the main issue with skin while traveling is the excessive dryness. A good face moisturizer helps maintain your hydrated, which prevents breakouts. It is the most important item in your necessaire, so make sure you choose a good one.
  • A potent eye cream: during your travels, puffiness and dark circles are common problems. Bringing with you an eye cream will help to counter the effect and will rejuvenate your skin immediately.
  • Night-time serum: serum are skin’s greatest savers. The high concentrations of nutrients promote deep restoration of skin overnight.

While in-bound:

Remember to moisturize your skin before you board your flight. The air inside planes is utterly drying and can damage your skin. Drinking water will help as well. 

Avoid Touching Your Face Often. Keeping your hands off your face helps minimize breakouts. This is because you might pick up unknown bacteria that can cause multiple skin issues. You can use skincare with probiotic to rebalance skin’s microbiome.



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