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Centering yourself for a better life

Centering yourself for a better life

Many professionals, health writers and coaches keep saying you should centre yourself to decrease stress and have a better quality of life. But what the hell does it mean? How do I know if I’m centred or not?....Wait we are here to help you!

Three Clear Signs You’re Out of Center

1.  Frazzled. Throughout the day, you’re reactive. You multi-task, checking your phone and email compulsively. You fail to differentiate what is urgent from what’s important. Fatigue sets in early unless you take a stimulant like caffeine.

2. Negativity. In your mental and emotional state, you’re consumed by negative self-talk, easily distracted, and unable to focus.

3. Fixate.  You might ruminate about the past or hold anxiety about the future. Overall, you might feel stuck or overwhelmed.


You are out of center, but breath! Returning to center is easy but requires 2 special tools:

A.  Awareness: the ability to detect when you’re out of Center.
B.  Method: an effective practice for centering yourself.

Once you have learned how to identify if you are out of center at any moment of your day, you need to put in practice a method to center yourself. You can create a routine, a practice, a movement that is to be repeated daily. An action to give your mind space and makes you breath and reflect, calmly and peacefully.

A routine could be a walk in the park, a coffee shot in the park, breathing techniques, a good reading or even a good run or any kind of exercise. Jut leave your desk, your office or whenever you are and move you ass. Just simple as that.

A title of curiosity: did you know that Benjamin Franklin used to take time to reflect twice every day?

Franklin’s daily routine is well documented, the most interesting part about his ritual is the time to exercise emotional intelligence and deeply reflect about the day and how he feels about it. At 5am, he woke up and asked himself “what good shall I do this day?”. Between 6pm and 9pm, after working in two four hours blocks, he allowed himself time to examine the day’s events and asked himself “what good have I done this day?” at 10pm, right before bed.

1. Flexibile Approach: Another lesson we can learn from Franklin’s daily ritual is that nothing is ever set in stone. He was well known to experiment with his schedule, play around and optimize it to try and allow as much room for creativity as possible.

2. Plan: Ok, you don’t have to wake up at 5 am to reflect. But the lesson to be learned here is that he planned his set goals before the day started and every time he was tired and fatigued he did practice some mindfulness to achieve his goals in a mindful way. Interesting ah?

So here’s the actionIn the morning, make a plan of the three things you’re going to get done today. Before bed, reflect on whether you’ve done them.

3. Repeat:  Each day repeat his habit, preferably at the same time. Give your body a break. To increase the experience and mixing your senses, use our blend of essential oils Balance + Stability.

This elixir is rich in oils with ground effect, helping you mind to be centered. The earthiness of Scotch pine and the Canadian Black spruce will open your airways clearing your mind from any distress. The geranium bourbon and St Jhon Wort will help you brain to balance your mood and emotional outlook.

It’s an elixir to help women’s health, helping you to center yourself and supporting you to achieve your set goals.