Therapeutic Essential Oils

Each day, we all face pressures, at home or at work, that impact our ability to function at our optimum level. We can feel imbalanced as we manage a range of emotions; anger, happiness, anxiety, tiredness or stress. It is vital that we support our emotional wellbeing.  Therapeutic oils have been used for thousands of years for their health benefits, but the modern-day aromatherapy industry has been slow to embrace the science behind the ingredients.

Aromacology, the study of the influence of aromas on human mood, has shown us that the climatic conditions and environment from which a plant has been grown will determine how it will perform. Just like the grapes that make up a fine wine, the anatomē oil extracts are carefully selected from an optimum, nourishing environment. The collection was collaboration between world renowned perfumer and aromacologist Anastasia Brozler and our founder Brendan, They have sought to assemble the best varieties of botanical extracts. For example, lavender from the Himalayas has very different properties and benefits compared with Cornish, Provençal or Bavarian lavender: provenance is key.

The anatomē apothecary bar contains a bespoke edit of nine blended therapeutic oils. These are naturally-occurring, aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots and flowers of plants.  Each oil contains a blend of up to 22 x therapeutic oil extracts distilled into a single compound, which can support you in activity or rest. Key blends include Balance + Stability, Expression + Confidence and Recovery + Sleep. We believe that anatomē elixir oils are among the finest blends you will find. 

Available in multiple sizes.