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Expression + Confidence Essential Elixir Oil

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30 ml

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100 ml

Room diffuser & bath/ body oil


The x25 botanical extracts blended within this compound are selected as they support, stimulate and help sustain breadth, supporting mindfulness and clear communication.

It is important when we are under pressure, to find ways of slowing down the breath and reinforcing a sense of calm to the body and mind.   We need practices to support communication and phonation when interacting with others.

Fennel, Camphor, Anise and Peppermint are all ingredients that support the flow of oxygen, helping clear congested lungs and airways to optimize respiration.   

Available in three sizes, 10ml for travel, 30ml for topical application during the day, before a meeting or presentation and use regularly.

100ml for use in a room diffuser, steam room or bath, see directions below.


 Key Ingredients:

  • Fennel: a detoxifying stimulant and tonic, Fennel gives strength and courage in times of adversity.
  • Frankincense Somalia: known for its relaxing and meditative properties, this ingredient helps to slow down breathing, and calm down the workings of the mind. 
  • Camphor:  an effective oil for vapour therapy, Camphor allows for cool breathing and healthy airways. It is also commonly used in sports message therapy.
  • Peppermint: a popular and highly-used perennial herb, Peppermint can enliven the senses, promote alertness and invigorate performance. 
  • Anise: Sometimes known as sweet cumin, Anise is a tender annual plant belonging to the same family as parsley and fennel. It is widely used in aromatherapy for its revitalising properties.
Oil Composition

Leading with: Armoise, Fennel, Green Pepper
Centred with: Sea Moss, Patchouli, Camphor, Cypress, Galbanum
Grounded with: Frankincense, Coconut.

Direction of use

Apply topically to any of the recommended exterior sensory points on the body to boost energy levels. Refer to the anatomē 'Sensory Point Application' diagram for application points: top of the head, shoulder, solar plexus, belly button, inner elbow, palm of the hand.

The 10ml is designed to be used in the office or during travel as it has a unique roller ball for easy application.

The 30ml oil is for topical application using a pipette on application points across the body in the morning, night or during exercise.

Apply topically  in the recommended sensory points:
1. top of head 
2. brow
3. throat
4. shoulder
5. solar plexus
6. palm of hand
7. Foot sole

100ml is a lower dilution of oil and is designed for use before getting into the shower as body tonic, in the bath or room humidifier.

  • Add to the bath before soaking alongside some salts.
  • Apply to the body as a tonic a few minutes before getting into the shower and let the oils infuse with the steam.
  • Use as a massage therapy alongside a coconut unscented massage oil.
  • Enjoy with an aromatic steam within the sauna or steam room.
  • Use with a diffuser to access the benefits of your oil directly through your environment. 


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