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Energy + Strength Essential Oils | anatomē

Essential Oils for Energy + Movement

We often forget to put an emphasis on physical recovery and are in a go-go-go state where we don’t stop till our physical energy levels are affected. 

To encourage our bodies to stay strong and energised, we need to be getting sufficient sleep, eating a healthy and well-balanced diet and focusing on recovery. Our Energy + Strength Collection is designed to help us recover better both physically and mentally, improving movement, relieving inflammation, and stimulating blood flow and circulation throughout our body.

Our Energy + Strength Collection comprises our Essential Oil Scent, Diffuser Oil Blend, Loose Tea Blend, and Candle

We all want to feel our best, and with busy hectic schedules of work and exercise our bodies take a toll.

We have designed our Energy + Strength Collection to stop you from feeling those dips in energy and to increase your capability to recover, whilst keeping your mind and body alert.

Using a carefully crafted blend of science-based ingredients and botanical extracts, our Energy + Strength Collection will help to uplift your mind and improve your overall well-being through a natural, holistic approach.

We have carefully selected ingredients to boost your energy and strength, including Camphor, May Chang, Viet Plai, Rooibos and Lemongrass. These ingredients are proven to increase energy levels and invigorate the body.

Our specially formulated blends have been put together to stimulate blood circulation, reduce inflammation of the muscles and joints and help aid our body in recovering fully.

With a warm and revitalising scent, our Energy + Strength Collection will give your body the boost that it needs to function properly, whilst relaxing and calming the mind.

Shop our Energy + Strength Collection today.

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