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Sleep better - Discover essential oils to support your sleep | anatomē

Sleep better - Discover essential oils to support your sleep

Sleep plays an important role in your physical & emotional health and has an impact on immunity, heart health, mental wellbeing and more. Our essential oils for sleep feature our signature sleep blend, which contains 22 botanical ingredients carefully chosen for their proven relaxing and sleep-inducing properties.

Developed with our in-house aromatherapist and with London-based sleep disorders scientists, our essential oils for sleep are highly concentrated and focus on high-quality botanical extracts. The provenance and quality of the oils we select ensure their high concentration in key sleep-inducing molecules such as terpenes, linalool and tiglic acids.

Each of our essential oils for sleep are centred around our signature sleep blend and incorporate different concentrations of our key ingredients to target specific sleep challenges.

Whether you’re a light sleeper, suffer from an overactive mind, or struggle with insomnia, our range of essential oils for sleep are designed to alleviate the negative impacts of poor sleep and support a restful, refreshing, and restorative night’s sleep. 

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