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Essential Oils For Anxiety | Essential Oil Blends For Anxiety

Being in a constant state of mindfulness and relaxation is something that we all aspire to, but is easier said than done. Often, anxiety and stress can overwhelm us and take over our entire being. This makes it difficult for us to communicate effectively and to express ourselves in the way that we would like to, or normally do. 

Our Expression + Confidence Collection has been specifically formulated and designed by our specialist nutritionists. It aims to alleviate stress and anxiety, provide respiration support, and help you to express yourself with confidence.

Each ingredient in the Expression + Confidence Collection has been carefully chosen for its proven benefits

Expertly blended botanical extracts support a mindful state by decreasing loud thoughts, anxiety and feelings of stress.

As these debilitating feelings decrease, your ability to feel confident in yourself, and to communicate effectively, increases, ensuring that you feel your best.

Using a powerful combination of ingredients such as Camphor, Sea Moss, Cypress, and Fennell, this blend is designed to support calmness and mindfulness,

and help open up your lung pathway to free your expression.

All the ingredients that we use are known to improve respiration, increase cognitive performance, and help with having a clearer thought process.

By enhancing a sense of mindful control over your breathing with an influx of oxygen to your body, you are able to better support your mental wellbeing.

Explore our Expression + Confidence Collection today, with our Expression + Confidence Essential Oil Scent and Mindfulness + Expression Loose Tea Blend,

all formulated to have a positive and healing impact on your mental and physical wellbeing.

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