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Energy + Strength Essential Elixir Oil 10ml


Maintaining high levels of energy can be a challenge.  Apply a few drops of  Energy + Strength essential oil on key sensory points throughout the day and provide yourself with a natural boost of vitality.

Blending 28 therapeutic essential oils, Energy + Strength will:  

  • Energise the nerves and mind to motivate and boost low energy levels
  • Support the heart, respiratory and circulation functions
  • Encourage fortitude, dedication and willpower


    Key Ingredients

    Black Pepper Paraguay: Peppered with stimulating properties, Black Pepper boosts stamina, gives tone to skeletal muscles, stimulates circulation and supports the nerves and minds. It’s ideal to use before excessive exertion or high-demand sports.

    May Chang: is commonly used in Chinese medicine and is an energising, uplifting and relieving botanical that can support a sense of physical low energy.

    Camphor Essential Oil: Cool and penetrating aroma is as potent as its aromatherapy benefits. It boasts the ability to support the heart, respiration and circulation and facilitates deep breathing. While in sport, it eases muscles.

    Lemon Oil: Renowned for its citrusy scent, Lemon is a refreshing and cooling to the circulatory system and restoring vitality. Lemon invigorates and refreshes any atmosphere awakening the senses

    Pine: Pine is one of the most essential oils in aromatherapy. It has energetic and supporting properties and excellent in sports massage, as it penetrates and warms all terpenes - this has been turpentine in traditional embrocation, so beloved of sports people in the past. Overall, it gives a refreshing note to a tired mind, motivates and reduces feeling of weakness.

    Oil Composition

    Leading with: Paraguayan Black Pepper, English Peppermint, Grapefruit, Gamphor 
    Centred with: May Chang, Vietnamese Plai
    Grounded with: Coconut.

    Instructions of Use

    10ml -  Apply topically as a compress to ease tensions in the recommended sensory points.

    Sensory Pints for Oil Application
    1. top of head
    2. shoulder
    3. solar plexus
    4. belly button
    5. inner elbow
    6. palm of hand

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