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Botanicals Formulation For Support + Gut Health

Our emotional and physical health are both intimately connected and intertwined, playing a vital role in influencing our mental and physical stress.

Remembering to support and protect these aspects of ourselves is key to achieving pure bliss and harmony within our body and mind, something that we often forget to actively prioritise.

Discover our carefully crafted Support + Protection Collection, especially formulated to support and protect our bodies natural defences and wellbeing, and to enhance our gut health. 


Botanicals Formulation For Support + Gut Health

Designed as a body and ambient protector, the Support + Protection Collection is a fundamental step towards living a healthier lifestyle and having a stronger immune system.

Supporting our bodies' natural defences is key to managing stress, feeling calm, relaxed, and living a happy and healthy lifestyle. We often forget about our gut, even though the gut and brain are closely connected.

Gut health can affect our immunity, our management of emotions, stress and digestion.

If you’re not feeling quite like yourself, it could be worth examining your relationship with your gut, and your gut health.

Our Essential Daily Probiotic has been created to restore your gut's natural microbiome, providing you with seven strains of beneficial bacteria to support your gut health.

The Support + Protection Collection contains a blend of science based ingredients

Including Essential Oils such as Teatree, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Peppermint, all chosen for their proven benefits to protect us from the harmful effects of stress and to sooth and calm our mind.

These powerful essential oils have natural antiseptic and antimicrobial properties to shield our body and protect us from any nasties.

We use a high concentration of Botanical Extracts to promote a positive impact on your health and wellbeing, and with an invigorating and unique scent, this intoxicating blend of essential oils was formulated by our specialist nutritionists to help you feel your best.

To purify, boost and protect your body and mind - welcome our collection of invigorating, calming, and healing products.

This collection is made up of our Support + Protection Essential Oil Scent, Candle, and Diffuser Oil Blend as well as our Essential Daily Probiotic + Gut Support, all designed to support and protect our body, mind, and being.

Browse through our Support + Collection range today.

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