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Nutritional Appointments - Men

Men's Health
We all want to be healthier but it's often difficult knowing how. anatomē offers bespoke nutritional advice for modern men seeking to improve their physical health and emotional outlook while juggling a busy and active lifestyle. 

We now offer a complementary 15-minute discovery appointment to anyone interested in finding out more about how nutritional appointments can help your health and wellbeing. You can book one of these sessions or a full appointment by booking online.

Our goal is to empower you with knowledge and confidence in your physical wellbeing, and to help you find balance in your own unique body.
mens nutritional appointments london
Single Appointment
£45 - 45 min
In this session we will discuss your diet and overall well-being, and look for any potential nutritional imbalances. Once we understand your background, we will make informed food and lifestyle recommendations, structured to suit your own schedule.
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The anatome 3 Step appointments


To help you realise your full potential, it is advisable to meet your nutritionist at regular intervals (every 2-3 weeks) to monitor and support your endeavours. We have therefore created an accessible 3 block appointment-based system, where we can support you in the following areas:

Sports Performance

Building Physical Form

Overall Health

Structure of x3 block system

Session 1

60 minute appointment, as above.

Session 2

An appointment will be scheduled 1-2 weeks after your first appointment, during which your nutritionist will discuss your personal wellness report. The report will track your nutrient intake, metabolism function and body composition profile. After working collaboratively with your nutritionist, you will also receive a comprehensive guide to optimise your sport performance and physical health. Additionally, a dietary and lifestyle plan will be designed personally for you.

Session 3

Up to 30 minutes

Around 3-4 weeks after your second appointment, a follow up appointment will take place. It is important to track your progress and body changes, and adapt nutritional strategies to help you keep evolving. Our aim is to help you continue to feel better and healthier each time.

 Things to note:

Prior to your first appointment, you are required to complete a food diary and a questionnaire relating to your health, lifestyle and medical history.* This will allow us to address your needs in a meaningful and thorough manner. During the appointment, a detailed body composition assessment will take place and your nutritionist will take full physical measurements. A nutritional plan will be sent to you following the appointment.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact winder@anatome.co

* Please note we will hold the data we discuss with you in a secure server.

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