What Happens at your a+ appointment

Step 1


Before you attend your first appointment you will receive the a+ lifestyle diary that you will complete for 7 days before your first appointment. We ask you to complete a food diary and a questionnaire relating to your health, lifestyle and medical history so that we can obtain all the necessary information to offer advice and guidance that is truly personalized to you. This is emailed to you and completed through our secure digital platform so you’re your assigned anatomē nutritionist will have a complete understanding of your lifestyle.  


Step 2

You will attend the store for your 1st a+ appointment. The anatomē nutritionist will have reviewed you’re a+ lifestyle diary and then can discuss more broadly your diet, lifestyle and set goals using body diagnostics, food diary analyses and optional blood testing for a full health + lifestyle evaluation.   Our nutritionists will analyze the information gathered and create a report that you will receive at your 2nd appointment.  


Step 3

You will attend the store for your 2nd a+ appointment. After discussed and evaluated all things lifestyle, daily routine and schedule, diet and sleep our nutritionists will create a thoughtfully bespoke plan for you. In this appointment you will have full report on your health: food intake – carbs, protein, fat, fibers and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals)  body diagnostics – body composition: lean mass, body fat, hydration levels, metabolism Alongside the bespoke nutritional and lifestyle plan.


 *  *  * 

The appointments take place at our St James store but we can also visit your place of work or home.  









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