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Cloves are the dried buds of a tree related to the myrtle family of plants, and are full of essential oil. The red flower buds are gathered and dried to produce the familiar knobbly spice. 20% of each clove is oil, which is extracted by distillation of the dried cloves, and is used in medicines as well as in scented candles and perfumes. Dried cloves are an effective deodoriser, both in the home, and in the body as a breath freshener and deodorant.

Oil of cloves is also well known for its antibacterial properties and ability to soothe painful toothaches and effective too for cuts and abrasions when dabbed directly onto insect bites.

When brewed as a tea, cloves can help reduce excess wind and nausea and makes an effective travel sickness treatment. Breathing in an infusion of cloves can help clear and revive the airways as in the anatome support+ protection therapeutic oil.

Other uses of cloves include an athletes food treatment and an insect repellent, especially when hung in wardrobes to ward off nesting insects.