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    Daytime essential oils.

    Therapeutic oils have been used for thousands of years for their health benefits, but the modern-day aromatherapy industry has been slow to embrace the science behind the ingredients.

    The anatomē oils are created through a process called aromacology: the study of observable influence of aromas on human mood and feelings, which is affected by the profile of bioactive molecules present in plants extracts and oils.


    Calming the mind

    This earthy, velvety scent of 25 essential oils was designed to anchor the body, centre the mind and restore a sense of vitality and optimism using Black Spruce and Patchouli, which are terpene-rich oils that have been proven to reduce cortisol levels.

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    A boost of energy

    This energising citrus blend of 24 essential oils was designed to invigorate the body using May Chang and Camphor. These extracts have been proven to stimulate blood circulation, this essential oil is worn on the skin before and during exercise.

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    Confidence boost

    This woody blend of 24 essential oils supports effective communication, breathing, and increases fluency between speech and thought by using camphor, which is a proven expectorant that improves respiration and calms the mind.

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    Improve your focus

    This zingy blend of 25 essential oils was designed to optimise the mind’s ability to concentrate, relieve tiredness and support cognitive performance using Indian Ginger Root which has been clinically proven to enhance brain function, reaction time and working memory.

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