Therapeutic Oils to support the mind

Therapeutic essential oils are naturally occurring, aromatic compounds, found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots and flowers of plants. They have been used in medicine throughout history, and increasingly so in modern medical practices.

We have focused on sourcing exceptional natural botanicals from around the world, from small niche farmers and growers, focusing on their provenance, geographic locations and growing conditions.

We blend traditional aromatherapy techniques and updating and modernizing them for todays marketplace.   We've have worked carefully with a team of aromacologists to create the oil compounds.  Our ingredients are very rare Fragonia from Australia or the Black Spruce found in Canada, we have sourced the finest ingredients to include in our oils. 

Before the 19th century perfume revolution, and delving into ancient times  therapy oils and botanical extracts where worn on the skin for their health benefits and exquisite scents. 

We revisited these traditional practices and now focused  on supporting the challenges many of us face daily, concerning: sleep, anxiety, energy, & communication. To make life easier, all of our oils are dispensed in concentrations to suit individual needs. They are packaged in bottles designed to complement the modern lifestyle, and ideal for travel.

Oils are applied to key sensory points on the skin and can also be used in massage treatments, diffused in the air, or where appropriate use in the sauna or steam room.