About the Founder

Originally from Ireland, Brendan Murdock is an award-winning entrepreneur with a solid track record in retail. Based in London, he had been looking for a retail environment where he could purchase high quality contemporary health products with the expert advice needed to incorporate them into his lifestyle. Brendan quickly found that such a store didn’t exist and so began the anatomē journey.
 In 2006, Brendan founded the influential men's grooming company, Murdock London, in Shoreditch, directing the brand for ten years. Previously, he launched CRU, a 110-seat restaurant and bar that redefined the traditional wine bar. The restaurant won a number of awards and became a unique destination in London's fashionable Hoxton area.
 Brendan has worked as an advisor for many brands over the years, and runs his own brand consultancy, Verdant London, which still takes on select projects.
For several years, Brendan had been considering how to reinvent the conventional and often sterile retail experience that marks the high street 'health' store. anatomē is the exciting result.