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What is aromacology?

Aroma means pleasant fragrance and aromacology indicates what is stimulating for mental and emotional well being.   Therapeutic oils can support physical, mental and emotional wellbeing by enabling and strengthening our bodies’ own natural responses.

Oil is extracted typically through the process of distillation and extracted from leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, peels and resins, retaining 100% of purity.  It produces highly concentrated oils that have a strong aroma. – aromatic, living and volatile particles.  

Oils are primarily applied topically to the sensory points on the body or can  inhaled using a room humidifier.  

Before the 19th century perfume revolution, and delving into ancient times  therapy oils and botanical extracts where worn on the skin for their health benefits and exquisite scents.   

There are two paths that essential oils support the body

Based on the ingredients and compound formula each oil comes with directions as where to apply on the body, these are called 'sensory points'

The options when you purchase an anatomē oil are as follows:

Travel 10ml -  a concentrated oil compound in a travel friendly container with aluminum roller ball for easy application of the oil to the sensory points on the skins surface.

Daily Use 30ml - a concentrated oil compound with pipette for easy application of the oil to the sensory points on the skins surface each morning and night.

Body + Inhalation 100ml a lighter compound, designed for inhalation or application as a body oil, used through a diffuser, steam room or bath oil.