Events, Talks and Workshops

We regularly host workshops and talks within the Shoreditch Store and hope to inspire and engage!   We update this page regularly, but events will include conversations with leading sportsmen and women, workshops from leading, yoga, HIIT, pilates,  personal training, cycling, tennis and mindfulness.



Event and Talks 

Michael Townsend Williams 
Tues 6.30pm 17th April 2018
From a life of 'doing' in the world of advertising to a life of 'being' as a yoga and mindfulness teacher, Michael now works on the integration of both. He coaches individuals, teams and organisations on breathing, mindfulness and wellbeing and is the author of  Do Breathe: Calm your mind. Find focus. Get stuff done
Michael Townsend Williams
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Clara Baker
Acupuncture + Yoga
6.30pm 23rdApril 2018


Demonstrating how acupuncture and yoga can be used together and the meridians that we'll be focusing on each season and how this affects the body. Clara Baker will be leading talk and is a yoga teacher and acupuncturist.
Clara emphasises the use of breath to quiet the mind and feel inside the body. She teaches dynamic classes from the Rocket and Mandala Vinyasa systems as well as 
Clara Baker


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Chiara Becuti

Balance and Stability

6.30pm  9th May 2018 

You have decided to start exercising at home and have hurt yourself or without realising are continuing to. You may stop completely and never go back to doing it or continue through the pain. Our event for mobility and how to prevent tension in areas of our bodies e.g hip flexors or lower back pain while performing moves. Teaching you how you should be correcting your posture and how to perform moves without pain or discomfort.
Chiara is an Italian powerhouse who teaches Pilates and barre  in various studios around London such as Third Space, Good Vibes and 1Rebel. Chiara inspirations are strong women who strive for what they want in their lives.
Chiara Becuti
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Hannah Cluely
Flow at Home
6.30pm 16th May 2018


Have you ever wondered how you can create your own yoga flows so that you can practice at home? Being able to practice at home is a rite of passage for many yogis, and yet it can be so daunting and it can feel very overwhelming to be able to know where to even start.
On Wednesday 16th May, London yoga teacher Hannah Rose Cluley will be running a workshop where you can learn how to build an at home yoga practice. In a safe and open space Hannah will take you through the various stages of creating your own flows and giving you the tools so you can feel confident enough to find your own flow at home and be able to take your yoga practice out of the confines of a classroom and into your own space.
Come ready to start with a simple and easy yoga flow before we sit down and chat all about creating your own flows at home and how best you can start to bring yoga into your everyday routine. Don’t forget to bring a notebook, pen and any questions you have for Hannah! 


Hannah Cluely

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Chris Miller 

WTF is Mindfulness? 

7:00pm 30th May 2018

Join Chris Miller to learn how modern life stress effects our brain, body and how training our minds can make our life easier to manage.
In 2016 we spent 4.5 billion pounds a year on exercising our bodies, the same year 12.5 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety. 
With four out of five adults reporting high stress during a typical week and one out of ten reporting unmanaged stress all of the time, isn't it time that we learned to work with our mind as much as we do our bodies? 
Thankfully clinical evidence shows Mindfulness is here to save the day. Once an ancient practice with it's roots in Buddhism, now we have Mindful Cooking, Mindful Running, Mindful Parenting, Mindful Dishwashing.... but WTF is Mindfulness and how do we do it? 

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Sam Pepys 

Functional Range Conditioning

6.30pm 6th June 2018

Insight into functional range conditioning (FRC) training 
 Are you injury prone or just wanting to improve your mobility overall? Sam Pepys is a FRC specialist whom will be hosting an event on injury prevention. useful tool for improving range of motion, joint health, signalling between the brain and the joint.
Sam (MSc, ASCC, CSCS, FRCms) is strength and conditioning coach specialist, PT, Functional Range Conditioning Specialist and has a MSc in Strength and Conditioning
Previously worked for Luton Town FC and Crystal Palace FC.

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Alexandra Coleman

The Nuances Of Pilates – How To Get Long Lasting Results

6:45pm-8:15pm 13th June

Now more than ever people are becoming curious about howto exercise. This is due to a surge in health and wellness trends thoughout London. People are starting to think more about their movement and are focusing on how they are feel just as much as how they look. Everybody knows Pilates is great for core strength and flexibility, but why? Why is it people say they feelgood after Pilates? Its because of the nuances of the movement. And this is what you will learn during this 1.5 hour movement workshop with Alex.