Choose your a+ Appointment

Choose your a+ appointment 


Discover + 

25 Mins, £35

Redeemable against a purchase A discovery appointment where you will learn how we can best support your health and well-being.

This a+ taster appointment offers general advice and guidelines for the ones seeking for mild changes on their lifestyle or the ones that are curious about our services.




Understand + 

60 Mins, £70

A comprehensive evaluation of your diet and lifestyle, including body diagnostics, where we will recommend positive changes structured to suit your schedule.




Growth + Bespoke Plan


A personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan to support you in making meaningful long-term change. Including, food diary analysis, body diagnostics and bespoke nutrition + lifestyle plan. We additionally offer blood testing for a full health evaluation.


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We use a secure digital customer relationship management tool, designed and created by nutritionists to manage your nutritional program and ensure the data we discuss remains strictly confidential.