Our Philosophy

anatomē is driven by a straightforward belief: the food that fuels the body and the world around us also helps fuel our stability, balance and emotional health.


Brendan Murdock, our founder had been looking for a retail environment where he could purchase high quality contemporary health products, whilst at the same time getting the expert advice I would need to incorporate them into his lifestyle.  Brendan quickly found such a store didn’t exist, and he thought he could address that.

So we have worked with sports scientists, aromacologists and nutritionists to develop and launch the anatomē product range that includes essential oils, vitamins, nutrients and food supplements.  A huge focus has been on the best scientifically proven ingredients, alongside prized natural botanicals, for example; Australian Fragonia, Somalia Frankincense, Mary Thistle and Canadian Black Spruce, Curcuma found in our products.

Our  anatomē essential oil blends are particularly unique, each containing up to 28 essential oil ingredients, each oil is a blend of up to 28 oils per bottle, dispensed in different concentrations to support aspects of an individual’s lifestyle, combining both important health benefits with amazing scents that promoting wellbeing. To begin with, I've targeted specific health needs, including, Balance + Stability, Expression + Confidence, and Recovery + Sleep.