Our Values

We believe a healthy nourished body will support a healthy mind.
We adapt our diets to our life, we don’t adapt our life to our diet’
We believe in traceability- the stories of our products and where they come from.
We believe in helping individuals that face challenges and need the support of anatomē community.
We celebrate the history of traditional medicine and the apothecary
We believe in longevity with a timeless aesthetic
We believe and engage fully in arts, culture and the sporting life - celebrating all forms of leisure.
We believe in relationships and conversation and that customer loyalty is built through time with patience and care.
We believe everyone needs to be taken care of and treated equally.
We believe in exceptional quality and striving for superiority.
We like eclecticism and British quirkiness, blending the old with the new.
We support sustainability and supporting organic farming.
We believe in a homely retail environment with a welcoming atmosphere, where guests enjoy spending time and feel like they belong.