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Supplements - why might I need to incorporate them into my lifestyle?

Travel, intensive exercise, illness, stress and hormonal changes: modern life places many demands on our bodies. As we are becoming increasingly aware, the microbiome plays a pivotal role in our overall health. This means that from time to time we may benefit from an additional boost from a particular vitamin or mineral to support our digestive or metabolic function and immune system.

anatomē dietary supplements are designed to support hectic lifestyles and in store we offer professional advice from qualified nutritionists.

Our signature compounds combine high quality, organic ingredients that are scientifically proven to provide specific support. Coenzyme Q10 Immune+Anti-Aging protects the body and brain from oxidative stress by harnessing the power of fenugreek and apple peel. Detoxify+Cleanse aims to reduce the impact of heavy metals and pollutants, whilst enhancing immune function and increase good bacteria with key ingredient Saint-Mary Thistle Oil, a natural detoxifying agent that supports liver function. Rich in astragalus and vitamin B6 and B1, our Immune Booster is designed to optimise movement, memory and energy metabolism while activating the cardiovascular system.