The Anatome Apothecary Bar

Anchoring the store up front is the anatomē apothecary bar, showcasing nine newly developed essential oil elixirs that each contain a blend of up to 28 oils, dispensed in different concentrations to support aspects of an individual’s lifestyle. We've worked hard to get the balance of oils right, combining both important health benefits with amazing scents that promote wellbeing.

We have focused on Balance, Expression + Confidence, and Recovery + Sleep – all dispensed in concentrations to suit individual needs and packaged in bottles designed to complement the modern lifestyle. Our oils can be diffused, added to the bath or steamroom, dropped into a candle, and most importantly, worn on the skin.

Alongside these exquisite oils, we dispense an edited collection of spices and dried herbs that we hope you will incorporate into a healthy diet and lifestyle. Everything is organic where possible and the range includes such essentials as nutmeg, spirula, macca, cinnamon, and turmeric.