Live Your Way +

 At anatomē we offer bespoke lifestyle consultations for anyone seeking to improve their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 
Sometimes we can sense that we aren’t looking, feeling or performing our best. It can be difficult to know how to approach making positive change. We offer bespoke nutritional advice for men and women to improve their physical, emotional and mental well-being.
With personalized guidance with practical suggestions on how to make sustainable changes. We will compliment nutritional advice with sleep, exercise and lifestyle recommendations to provide a genuinely holistic solution.  We offer support with:

Energy Levels

Hormonal Imbalance

Sports Performance

Weight Loss

Sleep Disorders and Stress

Healthy Eating

This is not about making radical lifestyle changes or setting unrealistic goals. It is about support, nourishment and balance. We can incorporate your nutritional needs and movement plan into your current lifestyle. All of our nutritionists have particular fields of expertise, adrenal fatigue and stress, sports performance and weight loss.
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