anatomē a new wellness store in Shoreditch, London, is built on the simple premise that nutritional and emotional balance are the vital pathways to leading a healthy and fulfilling life.

After struggling to find a retail store in London that presented the very best in nutrients and vitamins, Brendan Murdock founded anatomē. Brendan's aim was to create a brand that would match the demands of busy modern lifestyles, and help to enrich emotional and physical wellbeing.

For over a year, Brendan worked closely with nutritionists, herbalists and sport scientists to develop the anatomē range. The outcome is a thoughtfully selected and extensive collection of essential oils, vitamins, and nutrients designed for everyday use. Alongside these essential items, anatomē sells exceptional sporting apparel and accessories.

Our Shoreditch-based store doubles-up as a café serving juices, protein shakes, and healthy bites. For friendly, expert guidance on your wellbeing, our in-house nutritionists offer one-on-one consultations and block appointments with advice on a wide range of health issues.