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"Do Beekeeping: The secret to happy honey bees" by Orren Fox

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Honey. Drizzled over a slice of fresh bread or eaten directly from the spoon is one of life’s great pleasures. And with beehives on urban rooftops, in a neighbor's back garden – even schemes for adopting bees or renting hives – becoming a honey producer seems… possible. So how easy is it and what’s involved?

By sharing the journey of 18-year-old beekeeper Orren Fox – who clearly remembers what it’s like to be a rookie – you’ll discover that keeping your own honeybees is easier than you think. Find out:

  • How and where to set up your hive
  • The tools and equipment you need to get started
  • The job of inspecting the hive
  • How and when to harvest your honey

With delicious honey-based recipes shared by talented and resourceful chefs and cooks, including Honey & Co., you’ll learn all about bees and their inspiring world of work and honey production. You may even be tempted to buy your first bee suit.


  • Clear and informative guide for aspiring beekeepers
  • Delicious recipes to put your hard-earned honey to good use
  • Gorgeous colour and B&W photography throughout
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