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Howea Forsteriana


The kentia palm tree (Howea Forsteriana) will add an exotic feel to whatever room it is placed inside. This palm can tolerate lower levels of light and requires little specialist care than other palms.

The kentia palm is known for releasing a vast amount of moisture into the air around it. Not only is this plant a pleasure to look at, the kentia palm will purify the air by removing any chemical toxins.

Many have named this the best plant for removing numerous indoor air toxins. This tree will grow tall in the shade and is best suited to indoor environments.

Height 90-100 cm; Pot size width approx 21 cm

Height 140-150 cm; Pot width  approx 24 cm

Estimated Delivery Time: 5-12 Working Days

Directions of use:

The kentia palm tree should be watered regularly: twice a week during the summer months and once a week during the colder, winter months. Spraying the leaves twice a week with lukewarm water to limit any dust build-up. Feed the kentia palm tree monthly during the growing season with plant food to ensure that the palm tree continues to grow.

Ensure the palm tree is placed in a sufficient space where it will have space to flourish.


The image is a representation of the plant that you will receive, it is not the actual plant so will vary according to growth and density.

This plant is priced without the white plant pot, If you would like a plain white ceramic plant pot please choose this option at checkout.

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