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The Serenity of Frankincense

At the core of "Overactive Mind Sensory Point Oil" is the cherished Somali Frankincense. Extracted from Boswellia trees in the Horn of Africa, this ancient ingredient is renowned for its calming and clarifying properties. The woody, resinous aroma of Somali Frankincense creates a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for promoting relaxation and mental clarity during aromatherapy or meditation. Embrace the therapeutic benefits of Somali Frankincense to find peace and balance in your daily wellness routine.

All ingredients

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Parfum (as essential oils). Contains Benzyl Alcohol, Citral, Citronellol, Coumarin, Eugenol, Farnesol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalol.

All ingredients

How to Use

Before sleep, apply 1-2 drops on each suggested sensory point, massaging gently onto skin. For additional support, combine oil application with slow, deep breathing.

How to Use

Comes in a Limited Edition Apothecary Bottle.

Experience the benefits of our 10ml Sensory Point Oil, an ideal size for testing its effectiveness on you before investing in the full-sized product. Its compact design also makes it the perfect travel companion.


Overactive Mind Travel Sleep Oil | Somali Frankincense

Essential Oils For Sleep

Sale price £24 Regular price-10ml
Calms an Overactive Mind
Promotes Restful Sleep
Enhances Relaxation and Recovery

An aromatic blend of 16 essential oils to help declutter overactive minds before bedtime, leading with Somali Frankincense.

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How to Use
Overactive Mind Travel Sleep Oil | Somali Frankincense - anatomē
Overactive Mind Travel Sleep Oil | Somali Frankincense All Formulations
Sale price £24 Regular price

Paraben Free


Vegan Friendly

Made in England

Signature botanicals

Somali Frankincense has an ethereal, dry, diffusive aroma, with bright citrus notes over a peppery, resinous undertone. This rare 16-ingredient essential oil blend encourages deeper sleep by soothing and calming an overactive mind.

Rich in terpenes, this scent is ideal for those who struggle to fall asleep, quieting mind chatter and anxious nighttime thoughts. With regular use, the complexity and potency of this blend allow you to build an intentional scent association with rest.



*Results from a survey to a group of 60 customers

Brendan Presents

Is your mind constantly racing, making it difficult to unwind? Discover a powerful solution to calm your overactive mind and achieve a sense of inner peace. Introducing our Overactive Mind Sensory Point Oil infused with premium Somali Frankincense—an ancient remedy for modern times. Experience the tranquility of our Overactive Mind Sensory Point Oil with Somali Frankincense. Watch our video to embark on a journey towards mental serenity.

Step 1

Turn off all screens and light-emitting devices—dim artificial lighting and adjust the temperature, ensuring the environment is comfortably cool.

Step 2

Apply 2 drops of your anatomē Sleep Oil on each sensory point (wrists, back of the neck, sternum and soles of your feet), massaging into the skin.

Step 3

Engage in a calming activity of your choice such as medidating, reading a book - prefer fiction, romance, or a biography, writing a journal entry...

Why it works

Frankincense is known for its deep, woody aroma. Trees only begin to produce the resin at 8 to 10 years old and are tapped only two to three times per year. 

Frankincense is used for its benefits to the skin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, and its benefits for the mind, being rich in terpenes that help to calm thoughts and decrease cortisol levels in the body.

Frankincense oil's calming properties make it an ideal ingredient for many essential oil blends that support health and wellbeing. At anatomē, we use frankincense in many of our sleep oils and our Somali frankincense sleep candle, as its soothing qualities contribute towards a restful night's sleep.

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