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Recovery + Sleep - Frankincense Essential Elixir Oil

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Do you ever find it hard to wind down in the evening? After intense exercise or a long working day, it can be difficult to switch off and feel peaceful.

For an extra sense of calm, this oil leads on the top note with Sacred Frankincense, and is recommended for soothing your mind to rest.  We have structured the oil with this top note, for the intellectual brain that simply can't shut down, with over racing thoughts and churns the events of the day in their mind, unable to switch off.

This botanical blend contains 22 therapeutic oils that will:

  • Encourage relaxation and a deep 7 hours sleep.
  • Support a deep quality of sleep.
  • Support the mind to drift and ease mental fluidity.

The oil is applied 30 minutes before sleep and over the course of a week, alongside positive sleep practices (digital detox, cooler bedroom etc)  you will find that your sleep adjusts to a restful, continual seven hours rest.

  1. English Lavender: is deeply relaxing and emotionally supporting. The scent symbolises cleanliness and purity. Known for its therapeutic properties, lavender is commonly used by athletes in their warm-up and pre-competition preparations.
  2. Chamomile: has historically been used to induce and accelerate sleep. It is highly valued in medicine.
  3. Clary Sage: is powerfully relaxing. Renowned for its energising effects on the body and mind, it holds invaluable properties for soothing pre-match or workplace challenges.
  4. Rose: Complementing the properties of Lavender and Sage, Rose provides emotional support and soothes everyday stresses and strains. It is said to have the highest vibrational frequency of any other oil possessing vibrant emotional benefits and spiritual healing.
  5. Sacred Frankincense: A relaxing and meditative oil, it encourages feelings of calm and soothes the mind. Balsamic and sweet in nature, this oil tones and clarifies the mind and sensory pathways.
  6. Melissa Oil: Known as lemon balm oil, this oil is used in almost all balms due to its soothing properties and sweet aroma
Oil Composition
  1. Leading with: Sacred Frankincense , Omani
  2. Centred with: Rose Absolu Maroc, Blue German Chamomile
  3. Grounded with: Frankincense, Coconut.
Direction of use
  1. Add to the bath before soaking alongside some salts.
  2. Apply to the body as a tonic a few minutes before getting into the shower and let the oils infuse with the steam.
  3. Use as a massage therapy alongside a coconut unscented massage oil.
  4. Enjoy with an aromatic steam within the sauna or steam room.
  5. Use with a diffuser to access the benefits of your oil directly through your environment.
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