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Natural Pumice Stone with rope

The perfect companion to our Restorative Foot Balm. Pumice stones offer a natural way to soften and remove dry, hard skin from the feet, knees and elbows.

This shaped pumice stone can be used to buff and remove those tough areas of dry skin, with a handy rope for easy storage and drying after use. 


100% natural pumice with rope


Directions of use:

While you're soaking your feet in the bath or in a basin, also soak your pumice stone in warm water for 10 minutes of so to soften the hard skin.

Rub the abrasive side of the pumice stone over your skin in a circular motion with light pressure. Massage your skin for two or three minutes. If your skin begins to feel sensitive or sore, stop immediately because you’re most likely using too much pressure.

For your feet, focus your attention on your heels, the sides of your toes, and other dry areas you recognize.

Continue rubbing the pumice stone on your skin until you’ve removed the dead skin and revealed softer skin underneath.

After two to three minutes of light rubbing, rinse your skin. If you still see patches of dead skin, repeat this process. Also, rinse your pumice stone for every session to keep the surface clean.

Then on the If your skin begins to feel sensitive or sore, stop immediately because you're most likely using too much pressure.


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