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Grapefruit essential oil, extracted from the citrus fruit renowned for its semi-sweet, bitter taste, boats a variety of health benefits and distinct properties. These include reduced blood pressure, lowered stress levels, boosted immune system, and improved breathing.

At anatomē, grapefruit essential oil is a crucial ingredient in our essential oil blends, thanks to its mood boosting properties and benefits to the health.

Grapefruit essential oil plays a major role in our Support + Protection range of essential oil blends and cleaners, thanks to its study-shown antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. For this reason, we use Grapefruit essential Oil in our hand cleanser spray.

The bright, citrus aroma of grapefruit oil has also been shown to help with respiration, and mixed with other botanicals provides an invigorating and refreshing blend that protects and boosts the immune system in our Support + Protection Essential Oil Blend.

Grapefruit essential Oil is also used in our Energy + Strength Essential Oil Blend for its invigorating aroma, and blood-pressure reducing properties, helping to maintain health and recover quickly after exercise.

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