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  • Be Well

    'Be Well' this year and support your health + wellbeing through the power of botanicals. Our collections will support your body to achieve better sleep, movement, balance, focus and energy as well as staying relaxed and calm.

  • Complex enriched botanicals

Supporting sleep

Our sleep oils are blended with 22 essential oils and each variant supports particular sleep challenges, from insomnia to the restless sleeper.

Supporting skin health

Our skin and body care ranges are blended using the highest quality organic ingredients. Each formula is packed with supercharged essential oils that will improve the vitality, tone and health of your skin.

Nutritional supplements

Our nutritionists have developed botanical complexes that are drawn from traditional medicine practices alongside scientifically-proven ingredients.

Ingredient Spotlight

Dalmatian Sage

Dalmatian Sage is a perennial evergreen with green oblong leaves and blue to purplish flowers. It is native to the coastal Dalmatia region of Croatia, giving the area a characteristic smell. It is known to help relieve symptoms of stress, such as emotional exhaustion, nervousness, mental fatigue and muscular tension.

As seen in

sleep health immunity + gut health emotional + mental health

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muscle + joint support energy + focus hormonal health

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