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  • Sleep Better

    We have created three sensory point sleep oil formulations to support your sleep challenge.

  • Find Focus

    Support cognitive functioning and
    memory as you return to work.

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Our Modern Apothecary

Our team of aromacologists and nutritionists have carefully developed our formulations to bring balance to modern lifestyles. Expertly blended botanical ingredients have been chosen for their positive effect on sleep, diet, skincare and overall health, so that you can start to feel better.

Wellness Practices

Our formulations have been created to be part of your daily wellness practices to support Sleep, Balance + Performance, whether it’s a bathing ritual or a night-time ritual to unwind and destress.


Bestselling Formulations

Our Story

London Apothecary

Here at anatomē, we strive to support you on your wellbeing journey by delivering rigorously researched botanical blends, scents and ingredients.

Our team of experts have designed balanced formulas to help you move better, sleep soundly, live healthier and create your haven. More than a wellness brand, we create spaces for conversation, listening and participation while our functional formulations and rituals help you feel better.

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Sleep Better Formulations

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muscle + joint support energy + focus hormonal health
  • Natural botanical extracts NATURAL BOTANICAL EXTRACTS
  • Science plus evidence base compounds SCIENCE + EVIDENCE BASED COMPOUNDS
  • sustainable ingredients SUSTAINABLY SOURCED INGREDIENTS

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