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    A healthy planet provides everything we need for a healthy body. At anatomē we care about our footprint. We have taken great care to use recyclable glass packaging, paper labelling and paper packaging wherever possible. We support organic farming and traceable, sustainable supply chains.

    Our community is also vitally important to us and we support London Charities that advocate for the mental and physical health of others.

    Our packaging

    Glass is timeless and beautiful. We use glass bottles jars and containers to present our products for several important reasons:

    - There is no risk of harmful chemicals getting into our products that are packed in glass, which means that no additional additives are needed to preserve our products.
    - Glass ensures moisture is also less likely to get inside the container, preserving the life and quality of each product.
    - It is completely recyclable and soon we will have refill options for our essential oil blends in our Marylebone store if you present your used container.

    We have decided not to use outer packaging since we are aware of how much unnecessary packaging can engulf a product - especially in our industry.

    Like a fine wine, the climate, topography of the land and farming methods affect the quality and performance of each extract and that is why we only source from established farms.

    Our ingredients

    Essential Oils
    We use only natural ingredients, each pure oil is sustainably sourced. We often know the country, the region and in many instances the farms where our essential oils are extracted. We are a member of the Aromatherapy Council in the UK.

    Organic ingredients
    Our skincare, lotions and soaps are all made in the UK using certified organic ingredients. We
    work with four small producers each with an expertise in face care, body care and soap manufacturing.

    Botanical Extracts
    Our supplements incorporate the finest quality scientific ingredients alongside, wherever possible, organic botanical extracts. All our health supplements are made under the most stringent conditions and comply with both the UK, European Food Safety Authority and the Food and Drug administration (USA) manufacturers regulatory bodies. This ensures our products can be purchased with confidence in most key international markets.

    Charity partners

    Each year we work with a number of charities that support our communities and the advancement of science.

    Currently we are supporting the Hospital Rooms, a UK charity whose mission is to bring world-class art to mental health hospitals. Their vision is for all people in mental health wards to have the freedom to experience extraordinary artworks.

    They believe in the power of art to provide joy and dignity and to stimulate and heal. Throughout the year we will be supporting them with their upcoming events and with financial contributions from our product sales.

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