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All ingredients

All ingredients

How to Use

Before sleep, apply 1-2 drops on each suggested sensory point, massaging gently onto skin. For additional support, combine oil application with slow, deep breathing.

How to Use


anatomē delves into fragrances and resignifies scent, making it a vehicle to wellbeing: the ultimate luxury

Science has revealed the profound impact of scent on our brains. Scent molecules bind to olfactory receptors, igniting neural signals to our emotional centre. Fragrances can stir memories, evoke comfort, and ground our moods when formulated for wellbeing.

Drawing from over decades of experience supporting performers, our founder Brendan and perfumer Anastasia understand the transformative power of scent.


our perspective

Perfumes, once the exclusive domain of the dominant classes and royalty, have undergone a significant transformation in the 20th century. This period saw the democratisation of fragrances, turning them into a gateway to the luxury world. However, this shift in accessibility has also led to a change in focus within the industry.

All too often, the perfumery industry is concerned with aesthetic beauty, neglecting the potential impact on mood, feelings, and well-being that these excellent compounds can offer.

Since ancient times, essential oils have been well-loved for their ability to enhance and scent our bodies, thoughts, sleep, and spirits. Anatome’s favourite milestones in aromatic history include the scented tomb of Tutankhamun with frankincense, Europe’s introduction to calming and soothing ingredients such as sandalwood, vanilla, neroli, fleur d’orange, and May Chang, and the realisation of monastic healing gardens of essential oils’ role in supporting wellbeing - even influencing named drugs.

what makes them special

Crafted from natural essences rich in terpenes are parfums are created to help you perform, focus and achieve balance throughout the day.

the future of perfumery

The collection is the result of meticulous work, with founder Brendan and Anastaisa Brozler, renowned for their expertise in perfume extraction and aromachology, curating a selection of natural botanical essences rich in terpenes. This careful precision ensures that our perfumes are exquisitely scented with the power to support your wellbeing.

Over the course of two years, we have painstakingly blended natural oils with great complexity. These aromachology oils create scent structures that can support us throughout the day - awaken, enliven, and enhance our performance, focus, and overall wellbeing while releasing an extraordinary blend of scents. Regular use of each parfum in a given context can even trigger subconscious responses, propelling you forward like a performer entering a stadium, a stage or a podium.

Our collection offers a unique perspective on style and self-expression, backed by our deep understanding of fragrance. We believe that this collection, with its revolutionary scents based on the shifting trends in wellbeing, will make you feel more balanced, energized, and awake.


Studying the science of scents, people often use fragrances not only to make themselves smell attractive but also with hopes of reducing stress, energizing themselves, or just lifting their mood. Aromachology explores the link between fragrances and psychology. A study by the Olfactory Research Fund in New York found a 63% reduction in stress in patients undergoing MRI scans when the vanilla scent was introduced into the air around them.

The concept of aromachology dates back to mid 20th century and achieved more prominence in 1988 when a scientist named Shizuo Torii at Toho University studied the connection between emotion and scent. Torii found that scents like lavender and chamomile enhanced feelings of relaxation, while scents like orange peel awakened the senses and made the subject more alert.

Aromachology doesn't have to be limited to relaxing environments, though, and the idea that fragrance can uplift or change your mood is used in many different environments. Certain odours, like citrus, trigger olfactory pathways in the brain to create a neurological response to the odour. Scents that cause these triggers can be used to evoke certain emotions in a person, and scent has been used in performance, dance, movement, and sport for centuries.

A revolution in perfumery

While still delivering a unique perspective on the style and self-expression aspects of fragrance, this collection aims to make us feel more balanced, energised, and awake - a revolution of scents based on the shifting trends in wellbeing.