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Vitamin & Supplement Formulations

Vitamin & Supplement Formulations

Firstly apologies,  we are out of stock of some of our best-selling formulations - we have been adjusting our manufacture and face some unexpected delays.  In the meantime, to tell you a little more about  our formulations, they have been created to regulate and anchor your wellbeing by combining scientific ingredients with adaptogens from Ayurvedic, Eastern and South American botanicals that are not easily obtained in your daily diet. These botanical blends support immunity, cognitive performance, digestion and mood. 

✓ GMO Free ✓ Sugar Free ✓ Vegan friendly ✓ FDA Certified
✓ Lab verified ingredients ✓ NSF registered ✓ Vegan friendly 

Available on subscription alongside our bath salts and teas, your second order is available as refills. Our subscriptions support the planet’s wellbeing, too.

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