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    Women's Health

    Women's Health

    Our team of nutrition and health experts have developed a range of evidence-based botanical compounds that address the challenges faced by women through their lives.

    Healthy bones and libido, balanced hormones and a strong immune system are essential to a woman's wellbeing. Hormone levels change throughout our lives and fluctuate within every monthly cycle. Stress, modern lifestyles and certain dietary choices can also leave us deficient in essential vitamins and minerals - even with the healthiest diet. Fatigue, mood swings and a sluggish system are common complaints, especially for certain life stages such as menopause or pregnancy.

    Our women's health botanical compounds all incorporate adaptogens that help lowering the body's stress threshold and supports adrenal glands, important for hormonal balance. Focused on different concerns and life stages, they incorporate ingredients such as Siberian Ginseng and Sea Kelp to boost energy and healthy thyroid function, Panothenic Acid, which supports adrenal gland function and the creation of sex hormones, and Evening Primrose Powder that supports the replenishment of oestrogen and the effect of its imbalance.

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