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Sunday Edition #75: Shopping at Chiltern Street: Grandirosa


Sunday Edition #75: Shopping at Chiltern Street: Grandirosa

Loïc has been working with flowers for the past 15 years and has looked after the Grandirosa shop since its opening on Chiltern Street a year and a half ago. 

They welcomed us at the store, where we talked about flowers and wellbeing.

What is your earliest memory when it comes to blooms?

Picking up flowers in my parents's garden to make a bouquet for my mum as a kid 

What is the best aspect of working with flowers?

We get to see so many different varieties of flowers; there is always something new following the seasons. 

If you were a flower, which would you be and why?

Dahlia: bright and colourful.

What flowers are you expecting people to go for this spring?

Ranunculus is a spring favourite, and then peonies come in

What flowers best represent springtime in your view and people's preference?

-Blossom. It comes at the start of spring and disappears after a few weeks, making it special. 

What makes a perfect bouquet?

-A seasonal selection of flowers.

Do you know any of the wellbeing properties of the flowers at Grandirosa?

-The relaxing scent

Tips to make flowers last longer?

-Keep the flowers away from sunlight and heat. Keep changing the water, and re-cut the stems.

Written by:
Gabriel Weil

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