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All ingredients

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Before sleep, apply 1-2 drops on each suggested sensory point, massaging gently onto skin. For additional support, combine oil application with slow, deep breathing.

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Article: Labour and Wait Marylebone: Classic, beautiful objects. Buy well, buy once.

Labour and Wait Marylebone: Classic, beautiful objects. Buy well, buy once. - anatomē

Labour and Wait Marylebone: Classic, beautiful objects. Buy well, buy once.

In our series to shop local, anatomē's Gabriel Weil meets Emily at LABOUR AND WAIT Marylebone to learn more about this special store coming into Spring. Emily, I can see care has been taken with every item in the store; what is the unique approach?

Many things make this shop unique. One is that each item has been carefully curated. Once an item has earned its spot on our shelves, it remains as long as we can get hold of it. We don't change our stock, so if there's something you love, you can keep returning and repurchasing when you need to. Every product has a story behind it and a life we love talking to customers about.

So, what is the overall philosophy of the store? So much is focused on making and preserving, which provides comfort and inspiration to the Labour and Wait community. Tell us more!

Labour and waiting are all about buying well, buying once. It's about classic items that are beautiful and functional, products that grow with you and become more beautiful with age and wear. We really believe in having items that make everyday tasks more enjoyable and taking time to appreciate the tools that you use, whether that's a feather duster to clear away the dirt, precision-made gardening utensils, or a Guernsey jumper keeping you warm for many years to come. 


What is inspiring you this spring in the store? 

I am being inspired in store every day by customers and their enthusiasm for our products. At the moment I am loving hearing everyone's spring planting stories and the theme of the week seems to be nail brushes to clear out the soil once seedlings have been planted into their forever homes in the ground. Spending more time in nature now that the weather has warmed up inspires me.


Emily, on a personal level, you clearly love london; where do you find inspiration in the city?

Inspiration in the city is something I'm always looking for. I love the community of Chiltern Street, something I didn't expect to find after moving here from my small town in Suffolk. I love that you can walk down the street and say hello to all the shopkeepers and customers you recognise; it makes London feel less anonymous and daunting. I also find Trafalgar Square early in the morning beautiful. When there is barely a soul around and the fountains framing Big Ben. Gorgeous. 

'I  find Trafalgar Square early in the morning beautiful. When there is barely a soul around and the fountains framing Big Ben. Gorgeous'


When we popped by, you demonstrated the potting plants. Tell us more about how gardening inspires and underpins so much of the store's offerings.

I think it's about making everyday tasks enjoyable. We like to take time to appreciate small things in life, and gardening allows you to really take some time out of the hustle and bustle of the city and just to really slow down and enjoy helping something grow. It's mindful, practical, and productive. 


Lastly, what are your top tips for looking after a window box or london garden coming into summer?

I think that attention is key. Make time to pay your plants attention. Look, assess, and see what they need. Don't just chuck some water on and leave for your day.

Really, please have a look and spend a moment pottering with it. The excellent tools you've chosen will also motivate you; using a well-designed, satisfying pair of pruning scissors is a much more enjoyable experience.

Thank you Emily and happy Spring! 

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