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4 benefits to an oil diffuser

 During this time, we have all been at home a bit more and we are trying to make the most of our spaces. Scent is a great way to achieve this, since it can influence our state of minds, influence our emotions and can even motivate us. Using essential oils, we can create the perfect experience to freshen up your home, whether you’re trying to concentrate, or want to relax before going to bed.

Diffusers are one of the best ways to use essential oils, because they disperse the particles into the air and promote the health benefits, while also giving your home a great refresh and impressing any guests you might be having. Below, we outline four of these benefits.

1. Essential oils affect our emotions and promote health benefits.

Smells play a big role in how essential oils may affect the body. When breathed in, these plant oils stimulate smell receptors in the nose that send chemical messages through nerves to the brain's limbic system, which affects moods and emotions, and may have some physiological effects on the body, according to the several research reports, including National Institutes of Health in the USA and NHS in the UK. Putting essential oils into a diffuser is one of the most effective ways to benefit from the use of essential oils. 

2. It helps make it a home. 

Home is our safe place, where we find refuge and recuperate from our hectic lives. It is important to make sure that your home is relaxing and calming. A good home that we enjoy has a huge influence on our mental health and wellbeing. A diffuser helps to make the separation between work and home and encourages your body and mind to relax. 

3. It can cleanse the air. 

There are a number of essential oils that have antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties, so when you put them into a diffuser, it distributes their molecules and spreads those properties into the air you breathe. It literally cleans the air that you breathe and helps you to breathe better as a result. 

4. It humidifies the air. 

Diffusers emit moisture into the air which can help to facilitate breathing (especially when used with an expectorant oil). Typically, air that is being heated or cooled is quite dry and can cause irritation to the nose and throat. When you use a diffuser, it helps to mitigate that reaction and encourages smoother breathing. 

Written by:
Winder Ton

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