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Dalmatian Sage

Dalmatian sage is native to the Dalmatia region of Croatia and features a characteristic woody and fresh scent. Sage oil has been used for generations in medicine and aromatherapy, thanks to its many benefits to both the mind and body, including stress relief, easing of mental fatigue, and soothing of muscular tension.

At anatomē, we use Dalmatian sage in our sleep oils, as its calming properties help to support restful, sustained, and rejuvenating sleep.

Dalmatian sage oil’s abilities to relieve nervousness and stress make it the perfect ingredient for our sleep essential oil blend for overactive minds, as it’s calming properties help to placate a racing mind and promote a more restful night’s sleep.

Mental and emotional exhaustion can lead to fitful sleep. Dalmatian sage oil helps to alleviate the discomfort of mental and emotional fatigue, allowing your mind to drift off to sleep and helping you to awake feeling refreshed and reenergised. This is why Dalmatian sage is a leading aroma in our  sleep oil for insomnia.

We also use Dalmatian sage oil in our Recovery + Sleep Essential Oil Blend for Light Sleepers. Light sleep can be caused by many things, but physical discomfort and muscular tension contributes to a poor night’s sleep. Dalmatian sage has been shown to relieve this tension, particularly in the head and neck, which can be a cause for difficulties in achieving deep and restful sleep.

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