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Known for its culinary uses, thyme is famed for its woody, fresh scent. Historically, thyme has been used for centuries for its aroma – the ancient Greeks used to burn it as incense in their temples, and the Romans used it purify rooms. Thyme Oil, extracted from the plant, is known to support heart health, combat harmful bacteria, and reduce inflammation.

At anatomē, we use thyme oil in our Support + Protect range, thanks to its natural antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties. Its benefits to health and immunity through its innate ability to combat harmful bacteria and provide healing advantages make it an essential botanical for many of our products.

In our Support + Protection Essential Oil Blend, Thyme oil plays a vital role in preventing colds, and when inhaled has been shown to reduce coughs and shorten the duration of respiratory tract infections. This is all thanks to Thyme oil’s anti-spasmodic properties.  

Thyme Oil is an essential ingredient in our Support + Protect Sanitising Hand Spray, as its anti-fungal and cleansing benefits help to maintain hygiene and protect the personal space from viruses and bacterial.

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Anatome App

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