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Holly Husler: Wellbeing

Meet Holly...

Holly began her career as a musician in girl-pop band, Vanquish, performing on London’s O2 stage to 20,000 people whilst supporting Westlife. As the band decided to go their separate ways, Holly found her way to yoga and sound healing after travelling the world in her early 20s.

Trust in the process. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be right now.

After attending a sound bath at London’s Triyoga, she found her calling. She now performs sound baths all over the world, from Swedish spa hotels to Spanish retreats as well as the London Design Museum and various boutique wellness studios across the UK. She runs regular sound and yoga events with her husband Adam and has created an online Women’s community ‘Soul Stretch’.

Most recently Holly released her first single ‘Moment with the Sun in March 2021.

Holly’s areas of expertise:

  1. Wellbeing
  2. Yoga
  3. Sound healing
  4. Holistic wellness
  5. Self Care practices



Written by:
Stevie Deale

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