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TWIL with Jeffrey Boadi

Last week we caught up with our friend Jeffrey Boadi on Instagram Live to talk about plant based diets, nutrition, and fuelling fitness with a vegan diet.  

He told us that "it's so important to focus on the things that we can control, it's so easy to get sucked into what people are saying and getting despondent, but something as easy as going for a walk in the winter sun, is really beneficial." 

Below, he shared with us his overall top five tips for living life well: 

1) Training is paramount - whether it's weight training, yoga, running, sports etc, moving our bodies as is intended as often as possible is so critical for both physical and mental health.

2) Staying present - as humans we have a tendency to cling to past events, and create fear about our future prospects. Enjoying the fact that the only moment we will ever have is the present moment allows me to stay calm and know that whatever will be will be. 

3) Eat real food - for our mental and physical health, this is key. We know that the science on the link between the gut and our brain is clear, so eating nutrient rich foods (abundant in plants) that will nourish us is important in optimising our physical capacity and our brain health

4) Maintain healthy relationships - whether that pertains to romantic relationships, friends and family, knowing that you have solid people in your life is really important. Humans thrive on quality social connection so maintaining these positive relationships is a huge plus for our lives!

5) Establish a good sleep routine - I aim to always get at least 8 hours of sleep per night; I think everyone else should as well! My pre-sleep routine usually involves tonics like ashwagandha and reishi for relaxation, and getting some reading in as often as I can. Of course I have nights like everyone else where I am watching a show but I look to minimise my blue-light exposure so I can get maximum melatonin production.

For more about staying fit and having a plant based diet, check out a few of our favorite books: 

No Meat Athlete Cookbook by Matt Frazier - 
A fast-growing global movement, No Meat Athlete (NMA) is inspiring everyone from weekend joggers to world-class competitors to be healthier and fitter and perform better on whole plant foods. Written by NMA founder Matt Frazier and longtime health coach, yoga teacher, and nutrition writer Stepfanie Romine, The No Meat Athlete Cookbook features 150 whole food, vegan recipes that are affordable and quick to get on the table, even on busy nights. 

The Little Book of Veganism by Elanor Clarke - 
There are plenty of reasons to embrace veganism - for environmental, ethical or health reasons, and many more! This easy-to-digest guide, packed with practical tips on vegan living, from food and drink to clothes and shopping, will inspire you to enjoy all that's best about an ethical and animal-free lifestyle. 

The Psychology of Exercise by Josephine Perry - 
The Psychology of Exercise separates fact from fiction, delving into key theories, ideas, and the impact of life stages on when, why, and how we exercise. Using real-life case studies from those who work with exercisers at all levels, it shows us the huge value that comes from exercising in every stage of our lives.

Exercised: The Science of Physical Activity, Rest and Health by Daniel Lieberman - 
Drawing on over a decade of high-level scientific research and eye-opening insights from evolutionary biology and anthropology, Lieberman explains precisely how exercise can promote health; debunks persistent myths about sitting, speed, strength and endurance; and points the way towards more enjoyable and physically active living in the modern world.


Written by:
Winder Ton

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