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Sunday Edition #45: Sandra Blanco

Tell us about the Sophie and Luna brand, what do you offer?

S&L offers a wide range of headpieces made of preserved flowers. From hats to headbands, crowns, clips and bridal bouquets on request. These flowers are 100% real and they will last for years looking great and naturally glamorous without using plastic flowers.

What inspired the launch of the brand?

In 2014 I got engaged, and I knew I wanted to wear a flower headpiece, but I couldn’t find anyone in the UK who specialised in millinery with preserved flowers.

The reason why I wanted these was because I wanted to use fresh flowers only, but the thought of them lasting only for a day or less made me sad. So preserved flowers were perfect: real flowers treated to last for years.

You hosted a workshop event at our Chiltern Street store this week, what do these workshops entail?

I teach about the flowers, the benefit of using these instead of fresh or plastic and how to make a flower headpiece as well as how to look after it, so it lasts for a long time.

Wedding season must be a huge moment in the calendar for you, how is this year looking?

With almost 2 years of “break” from what we all know, last year was S&L’s biggest year so far since I started in 2014. This year, orders started to arrive in January, compared to March in 2022, so this means that brides are more prepared this year.

I have also received enquiries to decorate restaurants, events and do wedding flowers, so S&L has organically expanded its services by these new enquiries too.

With the seasonality of weddings, you must get completely swamped at times. How do you find moments of calm amidst the madness?

I made up my mind years ago that the wedding season will never be a calm one so I work all the way to the end of Summer and then I take a good Winter break somewhere tropical.

But in the Summer months I make sure I eat well, do my exercise, meditate and sleep enough hours, so my body recharges when needed. Being organised is also very important. Keeping excel sheets and to-do lists, so my busy mind can relax, knowing that it’s all in the lists when needed.

What is your go-to movement practice?

I do yoga and weights. You’ll find me in the stretching room after a workout, doing handstands and splits, playing relaxing music to get in the zone and into my mind. There’s nothing like feeling present and I’m the body like meditation while stretching.


We both have a great love of Botanics. What is your favourite flower and why?

Ohhhhhh don’t make me pick one! It’s like picking your favourite child haha. I love jasmine because I’m Spanish.

We always have a jasmine plant in the front garden or in a balcony. These will live only for 1 day.

You can pick them up the night they’re about to open, and they will open by your side table. These will scare mosquitoes away too! And they smell powerful!

My favourite Sophie and Luna piece is...

Definitely the Classic headband for a weekend day out and a Retro Crown for a bride. The Classic headband makes women look sooo feminine and cute with a floral dress or even with jeans. It doesn’t look “festivaly” or like you just came from a wedding. They’re quite acceptable to wear in the city. While the Retro Crowns are completely the opposite. They’re glamorous, delicate, super feminine and different. They are flower crowns with flowers all around it, having the most flowers at the back, so when the bride walks down the aisle, guests will see these over the veil. A beautiful surprise for the guests, and the perfect piece for those who want to wear flowers, but are not used to it. 

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Written by:
Emeric Fakambi

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