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Sunday Edition #46: Carmella Stenberg

For this weeks Sunday Edition we spoke to Carmella Sternberg, Co-Founder of wellness platform, Mamma Wellbeing. Carmella told us about their exciting plans for Stress Awareness Month, her methods for finding calm and stress relief, and her go to aromatherapy tools and practices.

Tell us about the Mamma Wellbeing brand, what do you offer?

We are a one-stop platform for holistic wellbeing with 150 practitioners globally across mind, body and spirit that can be booked for 1:1 sessions, and events or you can join their classes.

Our newly launched app features live and recorded workshops, yoga, meditation and breathwork so you can try our sessions with an affordable monthly membership!  We also design wellbeing programs for festivals, hotels & employees.

What inspired the launch of the brand?

Mamma was started as the answer to where to turn for holistic support and guidance after I had a burnout in 2017 and didn't know what to do.

I had a breakthrough when I found meditation, breathwork, yoga and bodywork and met my Co-Founder, Breathwork practitioner Annabel James. We made it our mission to make wellbeing more widely accessible.  

This April you have a big push on it being Stress Awareness Month, how are you supporting this?

It's so important for us to be aware of the stress in our lives and how it's affecting us.

Stress is so prevalent and is a major contributor to the 6 main causes of death in the Western world, not to mention how it brings our quality of life down.

Mamma is offering 10% off all our 1:1 sessions this month using the code stressaware. We also share effective EFT practice tips and tools on the app -  you can try the app free for a month.

What are your go-to tips for finding calm when experiencing stress?

Breath is my first go! If I'm feeling overwhelmed I find a quiet place and start to breathe deeply into the tummy, or even in a more Wim Hof style which is my favourite! Give it a go. It's powerful stuff for changing the mindset and bringing a sense of peace.

We both have a belief in aromatherapy for stress relief. Are there any aromas which you find particularly useful?

I love essential oils. Our aromatherapy practitioner Alex Willis taught me so much about it during the pandemic - did you know that eucalyptus and other blends of antiviral essential oils can help relieve mild symptoms of covid and can be used as a potential inhibitor? 

My mother and I are in love with Anatome's lavender essential oil and pillow spray - for stress and to help us sleep better. Lavender was actually recommended by my therapist to relax the nervous system.

Do you have any practices which you use to help manage stress?

EFT tapping is very effective for stress, especially long-term stress or PTSD. I also love yoga, havening techniques, and sound baths are great for deep relaxation.

Favourite wellbeing/movement studio?

In London, I go to Lumi Power Yoga in Hammersmith as it's the perfect blend of feeling like I've been challenged physically and also that I'm free to meditate. In Barcelona, my go-to place is Shanti Vida.

On the days when going into the studio isn't possible I join a live class on the Mamma app or watch a recording! This morning I joined a movement and meditation practice on the app which was perfect before going into the office.

During this stress awareness month, my intention is to let go more, surrender and trust even more deeply in life's unfolding.

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Written by:
Emeric Fakambi

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