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Sunday Edition #69: Christmas Gifts? Think about it...


Sunday Edition #69: Christmas Gifts? Think about it...

A Quick Guide to Ditching the Drudgery

Christmas gifting, that enchanting annual ritual, has a certain ironic twist to it. Picture it: campy decorations strewn about town, a frenzy of shoppers in a state of panic, cortisol levels hitting the roof, and heads still foggy from the previous night's social obligations—all just wanting to "get it done."

Then, the grand event of actual gifting arrives—a two-hour extravaganza involving excessive food, drinks, sugar rushes, and momentary euphoria.

But hold on, Boxing Day looms, the day for reckoning. A time to face the consequences of all the extra food we've indulged in, eagerly anticipating the 3 to 4 days of leftover feasts. A hair-of-the-dog drink is reached for, a desperate attempt to regain equilibrium.

Now, the daunting task of putting away the gifts arises. My home harbours a drawer filled with Christmas gifts that border on the useless. Little tokens of "this-will-do" from well-meaning individuals over the years. While these gifts won't necessarily make me resent the givers, they do leave a rather unimpressive impression.

Enter Cathy, the purveyor of Christmas presents. She has a penchant for inspirational quotes and amusing sentences. Each year, a "new" support for her unfunny messages emerges. 

I possess a doormat inquiring my visitors if they bring wine, a mug claiming my invincibility post-caffeine, and a portrait frame emphasising that the image showcased is from "Good Times".

The burning question: In what form will Cathy's inspiring quotes manifest themselves this Christmas?

And then there's John. Through his gifting, John chooses to amuse himself rather than please his loved ones with raunchy jokes, borderline rude presents, and sometimes offensive tokens of appreciation.

Opening a gift from John is like playing a game of Russian Roulette; you're still determining what you'll get, and the element of surprise is both thrilling and terrifying. 

A walking embodiment of festive chaos, John's gifts are forgettable, not universally amusing, and often not appreciated. If you want to avoid being a Cathy or ending up on John's level of gift-giving audacity, consider a little mental exercise before hitting the shops. While it may not seem like much of a difference, this exercise is an efficient way of making you more likeable, memorable, and, therefore, someone with a better existence altogether. You know, someone who cares... 

Here's a brisk 5-step guide I swear by, and there's still time to put it into practice before this year's gift-opening begins.

1. Don't just write the list. Make a Christmas Spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet needn't be overly complicated, but it adds layers to your process. Include the name, price point, and a few details about the person—hobbies, favourite themes, or subjects—something to guide your search.

2. Will they want to get this for Christmas?

A seemingly obvious question, but how many "what were they thinking?" moments can you recall with past gifts? Check that drawer, and it might jog your memory. The truth is, you might be exactly like them and not even realise it.

3. Don't dwell.

If the price is right, the gift matches the listed information and answers the question above, go for it. This intuitive yet organised approach will make you more efficient and spare you from last-minute panic.

4. Make time for priorities.

Sure, your Secret Santa is Linda from HR, and while we want you to offer her something she'll enjoy, let's face it: there are more important people on your list. Ensure you have a solid "generic" plan for dignified presents that won't consume the time reserved for the season's big gestures. Your parents, partner, children, and direct family deserve more time and will be more vocal about it.

5. Listen to your heart.

This cynical well-being exercise is meant to structure your shopping, but no matter how organized you are, a gift with intention and thought will go a long way. Helping someone feel better, offering something that inspires a positive life change, or even just bringing a smile to their face is priceless and unforgettable. So, wield your gift-giving power wisely this Christmas.

The anatomē Gifting Philosophy

For a dash of fun, thoughtfulness, and just the right sprinkle of humour, delve into anatome's collection to find formulations perfectly tailored for the characters on your list. Whether it's a candle casting a warm glow, an oil promising serenity, a curated gift set, or aromatic diffusers, each item can be chosen based on the recipient's personality. It's about more than just a gift; it's a gesture that says, "I see you for who you are."

What makes these presents even more special is the intention behind each ingredient. As you hand over the gift, you can share the reasoning behind your choice, either in a heartfelt card or through a casual chat. 

Anatomē's collection isn't just about material gifts; it's about presents with a soul. These thoughtful tokens have the potential to bring a positive change to someone's life. So, this Christmas, go beyond the ordinary and give a gift that resonates, uplifts, and reflects the unique essence of each person on your list.


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Written by:
Gabriel Weil

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